Top Qualities of an expert traveler


Whether you are starting out now or have been traveling for a while, it is equally possible that you are now an expert in this field. There is no required criteria of traveling that makes you reach a level of expertise. It is all about good planning, up to date knowledge, efficiency and vigilance. If you wish to become an expert, here are some qualities that you must possess.

  1. Importance for safety

Even if it is your 100th trip abroad or a second trip to the same country, don’t assume you know it all. Be vigilant throughout the time you are away from home. If you let your guard down at any point, you become vulnerable to scammers and other risks associated with being in a foreign land. Make copies of your passport. Keep the passport in a safe. Don’t carry large sums of money all the time. Avoid venturing alone into dark alleys. If you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and immediately move to a secure location. Inform your embassy of your whereabouts. Keep in touch with someone back at home. These may all seem like basic tips but they are essential.

  1. Vigilance

Being vigilant is important if you want value for money and are looking to work within a budget. You cannot just sit home and expect the best deal on an air ticket to find you. You have to look for it. For that, you need all eyes and ears open. Keep yourself subscribed to all airline emails. Follow all travel related pages and social media accounts. Stay connected to Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google plus and Pinterest.

  1. Handling cash shortages efficiently

An expert traveler is not only able to foresee cash shortages but also handles them pretty well. The first step is of course not panicking. The second step is to deal with them like a mature adult. An expert knows in their mind what exactly they will do when a situation arises. Buy airline miles at affordable price already foreseen or take up a job they know is available? They have it all figured out beforehand.

  1. Efficiency, effectiveness and economy

Those with experience and expertise tend to follow the 3 Es rule strictly. Efficiency means no slacking. You don’t leave matters undone until the last minute. In fact, having a trip all planned and booked with plenty of time to spare is a typical expert traveler hallmark. Effectiveness means achieving the desired results. If your strategies and plans are generating the needed results, you are doing really well. Economy simply means value for money. What kind of an expert would you be if you pay an exorbitant price for a hotel room not worth it? Make sure you get your money’s worth. Experts normally know immediately if they are being ripped off and they do have an eye for economical deals as well.


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