How to Survive Despite the Dangers Lurking in the Jungle

wish to come back to the safety of your resort at Tadoba National Park

If you focus your attention on just a single spot in the forest, there is every chance that you would find something slithering, crawling, slinking, walking, or flying. Jungles are thriving with life and sometimes that could mean danger for you. Here are a few dangers lurking in the jungle which could make you unwell or even be the cause of your death.

Poisonous Plants

Tadoba is rich in flora and fauna. We know that plant life could prove to be a wonderful source of nutrition and food energy in the event of a survival situation. However, if you eat the wrong type of vegetation, you are in for trouble. You may fall sick or it could even prove to be fatal for you if the plant is poisonous. There is a truly exhaustive list of inedible or poisonous plants. If you are adventurous at heart, it is best to do a thorough research before heading to the Tadoba and finding out about its flora in detail.

Try to chalk out a comprehensive list of inedible or poisonous plants that you should stay away from. Most of these poisonous specimens could make you fall sick provided you consume them. However, plants likesumac and ivy could prove to be highly poisonous when you touch them.

Dangerous Animals

When you are in the forest you must realize that there are uncountable dangerous creatures out there that could be harmful to you and could even kill you. Right from the Royal Bengal Tigers to the wild boars could pose some threat to your safety and survival. Similarly, you must be extra careful about snakes like cobra, brown recluse spiders, scorpions, and fire ants. You may encounter some of the most poisonous and deadly serpent species. So keep your eyes open and be smart if you wish to come back to the safety of your resort at Tadoba National Park. If you come across a super-cute innocent yellow tree frog, stay away from it as it is the well-known golden poison dart frog. It has so many toxins that it could end up killing as many as 20 humans.

Water-Associated Illness

Usually, forests are supposed to be wet and damp places. These wet places could prove to be dangerous. If your feet remain wet for a prolonged period, you would get immersion foot or trench foot. Your feet would get infected provided your feet are constantly dipped in water. Your feet would be infected provided your feet are forever waterlogged. If you do not see a doctor at once, you would develop gangrene and you may have to get your feet amputated. Carry a pair of protective long boots to safeguard your feet from all sorts of dangers.

Mosquito-Associated Illness

Mosquitoes could end up infecting you with dengue or malaria in any jungle scenario in India.  Malaria is supposed to be deadly and till now there have been over 1 million victims. Dengue is a potentially lethal viral disease affecting over 50 million people every year.


Learn ways to identify these lethal plants, animals, and insects and know how to protect yourself. Always carry a mosquito repellent cream while traveling to a forest on a wildlife vacation.


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